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Program Book

Here’s what the cover looks like. One of our focuses this year is on the Red Circle pulps, sister publications to the Timely group of comics.

We’re thrilled that the legendary Jim Steranko is our Guest of Honor. The program book has a bio piece on Steranko, as well as an interview and reproductions of some of his fabulous art! If you’re in the Chicago area for C2E2 (which is being held the same weekend), come on over to chat with Steranko (and browse through over 150 tables of pulps, paperbacks, comics, original comic and illustration art, and other related material), or come for his talk on Saturday night.

And thanks as always to Tom Roberts of Black Dog Books for putting the program book together!

New Pulp Panel Update



This year’s offering will be an abbreviated three hour block.  Below are the hours, names of writers for each panel, topic and assigned moderators.

PANEL # 1  (10 a.m. to 11 a.m.)

Moderator Ron Fortier –  Topic – Future of New Pulp

Gene Moyers

Joe Gentile

Barbara Doran

PANEL # 2  (11 a.m. to Noon)

Moderator Tommy Hancock – Topic – Paperback Pulps of the 1970s

Len Levinson

Fred Adams Jr.

Michael Black

PANEL # 3  (Noon to 1 p.m.)

Moderator Gordon Dymowski – Topic – Favorite Pulp Genres

Perry Constantine

Dale Cozort

Andy Fix

David White

Film Festival Update

With the 2017 lineup we return to a varied program of obscure pulp-related movies, although a few of the films are at least tangentially related to this year’s theme of gangster pulps.


12:00 pm — The Call of the Savage, Chapters 1-6 (1935), app. 120 mins. Adapted from “Jan of the Jungle” (serialized in Argosy, April 18—May 23, 1931) by Otis Adelbert Kline.

02:15 pm — Blonde Inspiration (1941), 72 mins.

03:30 pm — Burglar to the Rescue (1931), 22 mins. Adapted from “A Burglar to the Rescue” (Detective Story Magazine, November 1, 1930) by Herman Landon.

04:00 pm — Chip of the Flying U (1926), 70 mins. Adapted from “Chip, of the Flying U” (The Popular Magazine, October 1904) by B. M. Bower.

Immediately Following Auction — The Return of Doctor X (1939), 62 mins. Adapted from “The Doctor’s Secret” (Detective Fiction Weekly, July 30, 1938) by William J. Makin.


10:00 am — The Call of the Savage, Chapters 7-12 (1935), app. 120 mins. Adapted from “Jan of the Jungle” (serialized in Argosy, April 18—May 23, 1931) by Otis Adelbert Kline.

12:15 pm — Alibi for Murder (1936), 59 mins. Adapted from “Body Snatcher” (Black Mask, February 1936) by Theodore Tinsley.

01:30 pm — Lady in the Death House (1944), 56 mins. Adapted from “Meet the Executioner” (Detective Tales, June 1942) by Frederick C. Davis.

02:45 pm — The Bar 20 Rides Again (1935), 62 mins. Adapted from “Bar 20 Rides Again” (serialized in Short Stories, May 10—June 10, 1926; abridged as “Snake Buttes” in Real Western, January 1935) by Clarence E. Mulford.

04:00 pm — Gambling Ship (1933), 72 mins. Adapted from “Fast One” (Black Mask, March 1932), “Lead Party” (BM, April ’32), “Velvet” (BM, June ’32), and “The Heat” (BM, August ’32) by Paul Cain.

Immediately Following Auction — Pursuit (1935), 60 mins. Adapted from “Gallant Highway” (Street & Smith’s Complete Magazine, May 1935) by Lawrence G. Blochman.