Friday Night Auction News

With the number of incredible pulps we are offering in this year’s upcoming auction, we’ve decided to trot out something new.

Silent Auction Bids.

What does that mean?  Well during the afternoon of Friday, once we lay out the auction material, we will have a silent auction form for each lot.  On that form, you may place your bids [$10 dollar minimum increments only] and the highest bid will be our starting point for the auction for that lot on Friday evening.  If no other bids are heard, than the gavel will fall and the bidder will win that lot.

The form will include a description of the lot, as well as spots for the bidder to place their bids, and their bidder number.  You may place any number of bids over the afternoon and evening, up until we close the auction preview room and get ready for the auction.  This system…we hope…will speed the process of receiving an opening bid, as well perhaps allow us to get in more lots over a very busy slate of evening activities.