Secret Origins of Weird Tales Panel Discussion

The Secret Origins of Weird Tales

Pulp historian John Locke will share stories from his upcoming book, a revisionist history of the disastrous beginnings (1923-24) of Weird Tales magazine, a period of tumult and controversy unprecedented in the pulps, before or since. He will reveal mysteries which have been suppressed by a code of silence for almost a century now. Who were Henneberger and Lansinger, the founders of the magazine, and what strange forces joined them? How did first editor Edwin Baird become the wild man of the pulps? What lay buried in haunted second editor Farnsworth Wright’s past that he never dared speak of? What was the uncontrollable “reorganization” that sucked legendary horror author H.P. Lovecraft into a vortex he barely understood? Why did world-famous magician Harry Houdini suddenly appear on the covers of the obscure magazine, and just as suddenly disappear? Finally, how did an all-out war behind the scenes at the magazine lead to the long peace of the Wright years?