movie fest update

Every year, Ed Hulse of Murania Press does a bang up job putting together the film program at the Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention. As Ed noted in a post yesterday, “Since 2002 we’ve exclusively (with rare exceptions) shown movies adapted from stories originally published in pulp magazines, a unique mandate we take seriously. Program notes for this year’s selections have just been posted to the blog at our web site ( Since they run to some 3100 words, we’ve split them up into consecutive posts covering Friday and Saturday separately. Stop by and take a gander. And if you haven’t already made plans to attend the convention, hop on over to its con site ( and register today!”

The image here is the poster for one of the films in this year’s program, “The Sin of Nora Moran.” As Ed notes in his blog at, it’s adapted from “Burnt Offering” (The Underworld, August-October 1930) and “The Woman in the Chair” (Complete Underworld Novelettes, Summer 1932) by Willis Maxwell Goodhue.