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Partial Wrap-Up Report

Numbers are quite in yet, but we were close to topping last year’s numbers in regards to our attendance. From the comments, it would appear that this year’s convention was a complete success. Lots of new attendees and nary a harsh word was uttered outside of a rough beginning due to a last minute change in the hotel’s load in instructions.

Our auctions were totally successful, with new prices set, and excitement throughout the evening.

Our pre-registration at the show for next year shows how well the show is doing, as we sold more than half of the tables already. So once we are able to open registration for memberships and tables, we’d recommend jumping in and paying for tables right away so you don’t miss out.

John and Doug

Windy City Auction Report

This year was one for the books. We set some new highs and those prices are posted to the Friday and Saturday Night auction pages. Please be aware that the prices posted do not reflect the 10% Buyers Premium.

Early Bird Attendee Update

For those who have paid for Early Bird Access, you will be allowed access Thursday Night once the room opens for dealer access only with a badge. Badges will be available at registration prior to opening.

Friday morning, early bird access will be at 8:30…but once again you’ll need your badge, so it’s recommended you pick up your badge Thursday evening to avoid having to stand in line Friday morning.

Windy City 2024 Limited Edition 15oz Mug

Preorder your 15oz Porcelain mug for only $20. Preorder now, pay and pickup at the show.


New Pulp Sunday Panels

10:00 -11:00 Artificial Intelligence And the Future of Pulp

Moderator: Fred Adams

Panelists: Dale Cozort, George Tackes, David C. Smith

11:00 -12:00 Whose Pulp Here Is It Anyway?

Moderator: Andy Fix

Panelists: Van Allen Plexico, Tommy Hancock, Gordon Dymowski, Mark Vander Zanden

At this second panel, members of the audience will participate in creating four brand new pulp heroes, one for each of the four panelist. They in turn will be tasked with writing a brand new story with these characters for a new anthology book.

Auction 2024

This year is shaping up to be another one for the record books. As soon as we completely firm up the auction lots we will post the information.

Just to let everyone know…because of how many lots are slated this year, both Friday and Saturday [near or perhaps more than 400 lots], there will be NO second session. No lots will be accepted from the dealer room for Saturday’s auction.

View, print or download the PDF catalog HERE.

Dealer Tables for 2024 Are Sold Out

Use this form to request to be placed on our wait list if you are looking to setup as a dealer.

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