Saturday Night Event Auction

As we’ve done for the last several years, we have a pre-auction silent bidding session. Attendees as well as those who’d like to place bids over the internet are welcome to join in. These silent bids will be basis for opening bids. Therefore any bid listed as CURRENT BID will be the amount we start that lot. If no one trumps that bid, the silent bidder will be declared the winner and that lot will close. To place a silent bid, use the form at the bottom of each page. Please be advised that we will close all silent bidding an hour prior to the auction. All bids must be in prior to that time. Please check back often for bids being updated on the website. If your bid isn’t listed, you must check back in an hour prior to the auction, otherwise we cannot be help responsible for a lack of silent bid.

[To bid, simply fill out the form that can be found at the bottom of the page.]

On these special auctions, there will be a 10% buyers premium attached to each lot that is sold.

Part 1 (1-50)
Part 2 (50.1 – 100)
Part 3 (101-150)
Part 4 (151 – 180)

1. WEIRD TALES – 7/36 – REH (Conan – “Red Nails” 1/3), CAS, Moore (Northwest Smith), Hamilton, Derleth, Wellman, Doyle


2. WEIRD TALES – 8/35 – CAS, Ernst (Dr. Satan), Quinn, back cover detached

3. WEIRD TALES – 8/39 – REH (“Almuric” 3/3), HPL poem, Bloch, Wellman, Price, Quinn, Long, Starrett, Poe

4. PRIVATE DETECTIVE – 5/38 – Torrey, Cave (as Cole), Price

5. PRIVATE DETECTIVE – 9/40 – Torrey, Price, Ward cover


6. PRIVATE DETECTIVE – 6/45 – Price, Cummings


7. POPULAR DETECTIVE – 6/35 – Reeves (Craig Kennedy), Price



9. HIGH SEAS ADVENTURES – 12/34 (v1n1) – Dunn

10. HIGH SEAS ADVENTURES – 2/35 – Dingle

11. SPICY WESTERN – 2 issues – 3/41 (Price, Donovan, Anderson cover, bc detached) & 11/41 (Price, Donovan, Anderson cover, nbc)


13. TOP WESTERN FICTION ANNUAL – 1952 – REH as Ervin (Breckenridge Elkins)

14. DOUBLE ACTION WESTERN – 12/56 – REH as Ervin (Breckenridge Elkins)

15. MASKED RIDER WESTERN – 5/44 – REH as Ervin (Breckenridge Elkins)

16. THE NEW HIEROGLYPH – 3/44 (v1n1) – rare fanzine published by Donald Wollheim; contains three poems by Howard

17. Robert E. Howard, COMPLETE CONAN OF CIMMERIA VOL. 3 – published by Book Palace Books/Wandering Star in 2010, with many illustrations by Gregory Manchess.  This is copy 25 in the Limited Edition, limited to 1,000 numbered copies, signed by Manchess.  Still shrink wrapped.

18. Robert E. Howard, THE ULTIMATE TRIUMPH: THE HEROIC FANTASY OF ROBERT E. HOWARD – published by Wandering Star in 1999, with over 120 illustrations by Frank Frazetta.  This is copy 14 in the Limited Edition, limited to 1500 numbered copies. 


19. A MEANS TO FREEDOM: THE LETTERS OF H.P. LOVECRAFT AND ROBERT E. HOWARD – two hardcover volumes, the first covering 1930-1932 and the second 1933-1936.  Edited by S.T. Joshi, David E. Schultz & Rusty Burke.  Published by Hippocampus Press in 2009 in an edition of 345 copies.  First edition.  Both volumes are still sealed in shrink wrap.

20. O FORTUNATE FLORIDIAN: H.P. LOVECRAFT’S LETTERS TO R.H. BARLOW, edited by S.T. Joshi & David E. Schultz – published by University of Tampa Press in 2007.

21. Novalyne Price Ellis, ONE WHO WALKED ALONE – ROBERT E. HOWARD: THE FINAL YEARS – published by Donald M. Grant, 1986, first printing of 600 copies.  With inscription dated July 31, 1986:  “Dear Glenn, // I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your interest in Bob Howard and his writings. I believe you have done more to keep his work before the public than anyone else.  Thank you for that and for your interest in my book.  // All best // Novalyne Price Ellis”.

22. Robert E. Howard, POST OAKS & SAND ROUGHS – published by Donald M. Grant, Publisher, in 1990 in an edition of 850 copies.  Still sealed in the publisher’s shrink wrap.

23. Edgar Rice Burroughs, CARSON OF VENUS –published by Canaveral Press in 1963.

24. Edgar Rice Burroughs, LOST ON VENUS –published by Canaveral Press in 1963.

25. Edgar Rice Burroughs, LAND OF TERROR –published by Canaveral Press in 1963.

26. Edgar Rice Burroughs, TALES OF THREE PLANETS – first edition, published by Canaveral Press in 1964, illustrated by Roy Krenkel.

27. H.P. Lovecraft, SELECTED LETTERS 1911-1924 – first edition, published by Arkham House in 1965 in an edition of 2,500 copies.  

28. H.P. Lovecraft, SELECTED LETTERS 1925-1929 – first edition, published by Arkham House in 1968 in an edition of 2,500 copies. Slight insect damage to bottom of dust jacket flaps.

29. H.P. Lovecraft, SELECTED LETTERS 1929-1931 – first edition, published by Arkham House in 1971 in an edition of 2,500 copies.

30. H.P. Lovecraft, SELECTED LETTERS 1932-1934 – first edition, published by Arkham House in 1976 in an edition of 5,000 copies.

31. H.P. Lovecraft, SELECTED LETTERS 1934-1937 – first edition, published by Arkham House in 1976 in an edition of 5,000 copies.  Still in its original shrink wrap.

32. Virgil Finlay, THE SECOND BOOK OF VIRGIL FINLAY – published by Gerry de La Ree in 1978; #919 of 1,300.

33. FANTASY COMMENTATOR – 6 issues of this classic fanzine, which Glenn had professionall bound in boards.  The complete 6 issues of volume 3, from Winter 1948-1949 to Spring-Summer 1952.

34. Donald Wandrei, STRANGE HARVEST – published by Arkham House in 1965 in an edition of 2,000 copies.

35. Donald Wandrei, THE WEB OF EASTER ISLAND – Arkham House, 1948, first edition, 3,068 copies printed, a novel of the Cthulhu Mythos.

36. Donald Wandrei, POEMS FOR MIDNIGHT – published by Arkham House in 1964 in an edition of 700 copies.  Signed by Wandrei.

37. L. Sprague de Camp, LOST CONTINENTS – published by Gnome Press in 1954.  Missing the dust jacket; some insect damage.  Inscribed by de Camp to Lord.

38. Fritz Leiber, TWO SOUGHT ADVENTURE: EXPLOITS OF FAFHRD AND THE GRAY MOUSER – published by Gnome Press in 1957; Currey binding state (A) black boards stamped in red.  The first collection of his famous Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser tales.

39. L.P. Hartley, THE TRAVELLING GRAVE AND OTHER STORIES – published by Arkham House in 1948 in an edition of 2,047 copies.


40. Evangeline Walton, WITCH HOUSE – published by Arkham House in 1945 in an edition of 2,949 copies.  Slight insect damage to top boards.

41. Henry Whitehead, WEST INDIA LIGHTS – published by Arkham House in 1946 in an edition of 3,037 copies.

42. Robert Bloch, PLEASANT DREAMS – NIGHTMARES – published by Arkham House in 1960 in an edition of 2,060 copies. 

43. Robert E. Howard, ALWAYS COMES EVENING – Arkham House, 1957, 636 copies printed.  REH’s second Arkham House book; a collection of poetry.  This copy is in the second state (100 copies), with spine text reading from top to bottom.  Slight insect damage to top and bottom of boards and flaps.

44. Robert E. Howard, TALES OF CONAN – Gnome Press, 1955, collects four adventure stories by REH, rewritten by de Camp as Conan stories.  Insect damage and other wear to dust jacket.

45. Bjorn Nyberg & L. Sprague de Camp, THE RETURN OF CONAN – Gnome Press, 1957.

46. Robert E. Howard, THE BEAR CREEK OMNIBUS – hardcover published by Dennis McHaney in 2009.  Collects the stories from “A Gent from Bear Creek” (the Herbert Jenkins version) and “The Pride of Bear Creek”.  Never made available for sale, only about 5 copies published.

47. H.P. Lovecraft, MARGINALIA – published by Arkham House in 1944 in an edition of 2,035 copies.  Minor insect damage to dust jacket flaps.

48. H.P. Lovecraft, BEYOND THE WALL OF SLEEP – published by Arkham House in 1943 in an edition of 1,217 copies.  Glenn had this professionally rebound; lacking the dust jacket.

49. H.P. Lovecraft, THE OUTSIDER AND OTHERS – the first Arkham House book, published in 1939 in an edition of 1,268 copies.  The DJ is the 1974 de La Ree reprint.  One of the most important volumes of supernatural fiction ever published.


50. H.P. Lovecraft, POSTCARD TO ROBERT E. HOWARD – handwritten postcard from HPL to REH, postmarked June 4, 1932 from New Orleans, addressed to “R.E. Howard, Esq.” and signed “Sincerely yrs, HPL”.  Truly a unique item, written by one of the Three Musketeers of Weird Tales to another and held by two of them during its life!




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