Saturday Night Event Auction

1. FIGHT STORIES – 9/29 (Burks, Cunningham)

2. FIGHT STORIES – 10/29 (Burks)

3. FIGHT STORIES – 11/29 (Cunningham)

4. FIGHT STORIES – 9/30 (REH – “Waterfront Fists”, Burks)






10. FIGHT STORIES – Fall 1936 (Bruce, Burks)

11. FIGHT STORIES – Fall 1937 (REH as Mark Adam – “Manila Manslaughter”, Bruce)

12. LARIAT STORY MAGAZINE – 3/46 (Simak, Savage)


14. LARIAT STORY MAGAZINE – 2 issues – 10/36 (Coburn, F. Davis) & 1/42 (Coburn, Cunningham)

15. LARIAT STORY MAGAZINE – 9/49 (Jack London)

16. FIGHT STORIES – publisher’s bound volume with 3 issues – 12/28, 1/29 & 2/29 – authors include Roscoe, Burks, Bruce, Coburn

17. FIGHT STORIES – publisher’s bound volume with 6 issues – Summer 1939 to Fall 1940 – authors include REH as Mark Adam (“Shanghaied Mitts”, “Sucker”, “Stand Up and Slug!” & “—Includin’ the Scandinavian!”), Roscoe, Bellem, Cunningham, Burks, Bruce

18. THE 2004 BLACK CIRCLE AWARD – this impressive statuette is given for lifetime achievement in REH studies.  Glenn was the first recipient of the award.  To date, there have only been 10 award recipients.

19. Robert E. Howard, THE SAVAGE TALES OF SOLOMON KANE – published by Wandering Star in 1998, with many illustrations by Gary Gianni.  The ultra-limited edition, bound in goatskin, #14 of 50, signed by Gianni.  The book was stored somewhere damp at some point, and the book and slipcase have some minor damp spotting and stains.  Slipcase also contains the special envelope containing eight color and two black and white plates; one of the color plates and envelope have some damp spotting.  It also contains the CD, “Solomon Kane’s Homecoming” (reading some of the Kane poems).  Without DJ, as issued; the DJ art (without text) is bound in as a fold-out.

20. Robert E. Howard, COMPLETE CONAN OF CIMMERIA VOL. 3 – published by Book Palace Books/Wandering Star in 2010, with many illustrations by Gregory Manchess.  This is copy A25 in the Artist’s Edition, limited to 100 copies, signed by Manchess.  Still sealed in the publisher’s shrinkwrap.  Also contains the separate exclusive portfolio of 10 plates enclosed in a special red folder.

21. LETTER FROM ROBERT H. BARLOW TO ROBERT E. HOWARD, OCTOBER 1931 – although undated, this is from October 1931 and is the first letter from Barlow, a member of the Lovecraft circle and an important early fan, to REH.  He mentions HPL (and that at HPL’s request he is forwarding the HPL manuscript originally enclosed with this letter to REH).  The manuscript he references is “The Mountains of Madness,” which HPL asked Barlow to send on to REH in a letter dated September 25, 1931.  REH mentions this Barlow letter in an October 1931 letter to his friend Tevis Clyde Smith as follows: “This morning I took out a big registered envelope with a ‘War Department’ letter-head. I had visions of me shouldering a Springfield already, but it was from a gentleman named Barlow, at Fort Benning, Georgia, asking me for my autograph, for which purpose he enclosed a blank sheet of paper and a stamped self-addressed envelope. He also enclosed a 115 page ms. which he said Lovecraft had instructed him to forward me. It’s the Antarctic story which Farnsworth rejected, and which Lovecraft promised to let me read in the original.”  The letter also references REH’s “King of the Night” (the first Bran Mak Morn story, and one in which Kull makes an appearance) which appeared in the November 1930 issue of Weird Tales.  Signed by Barlow.

21.1 LETTER FROM OTIS ADELBERT KLINE TO ROBERT E. HOWARD, JANUARY 28, 1935 – Kline was not only a popular pulp author, sharing the pages of Weird Tales and other pulps with REH, he also was an agent for other pulp authors.  This letter gives REH the news that Leo Margulies (lead editor of the Thrilling pulp chain) is rejecting “The Silver Heel.”  This was a story of REH’s series character, Steve Harrison.  Kline inquires as to whether REH wants him to try it with Roy Horn, who at the time was editor of Two-Book Detective Magazine.  Whether it was sent to Horn is unknown, but the story was never published in the pulps, first seeing print in Two-Fisted Detective Stories (Cryptic Publications, May 1984).  Signed by Kline.

22. Robert E. Howard, POST OAKS & SAND ROUGHS – published by Donald M. Grant, Publisher, in 1990 in an edition of 850 copies.  Still sealed in the publisher’s shrinkwrap.

23. H.P. Lovecraft, THREE TALES OF HORROR – published by Arkham House in 1967 in an edition of 1,522 copies.  Illustrated by Lee Brown Coye.

24. H.P. Lovecraft & August Derleth, THE LURKER AT THE THRESHOLD – published by Arkham House in 1945 in an edition of 3,041 copies.  Signed by Derleth and inscribed to Glenn.

25. Donald Wandrei, DARK ODYSSEY – Wandrei’s second published book.  Published by Webb Publishing Co. in 1931.  Contains illos by Howard Wandrei.  Signed by Wandrei; #125 in an edition of 400 copies.

26. Donald Wandrei, THE EYE AND THE FINGER – published by Arkham House in 1944 in an edition of 1,617 copies.  Wandrei was one of the two co-founders of Arkham House.  Glenn had this professionally rebound to look very much like the Arkham binding.

27. Edgar Rice Burroughs, SAVAGE PELLUCIDAR – first edition, published by Canaveral Press in 1963.  Illustrations by J. Allen St. John.

28. Edgar Rice Burroughs, TANAR OF PELLUCIDAR –published by Canaveral Press in 1962.

29. Clark Ashton Smith, TALES OF SCIENCE AND SORCERY – published by Arkham House in 1964 in an edition of 2,482 copies.

30. Clark Ashton Smith, THE STAR-TREADER AND OTHER POEMS – published by A.M. Robertson in 1912 in an edition of 2,000 (about 1,000 of which, as unbound sheets, were destroyed in a fire).  Smith’s first book.  Signed by Smith and inscribed to Glenn.  Glenn had this professionally rebound; it may be that his copy was previously an unbound set.

31. August Derleth, THE TRAIL OF CTHULHU – published by Arkham House in 1962 in an edition of 2,470 copies.  Signed by Derleth and inscribed to Glenn.

32. August Derleth writing as Stephen Grendon, MR. GEORGE AND OTHER ODD PERSONS – published by Arkham House in 1963 in an edition of 2,546 copies.  Signed by Derleth and inscribed to Glenn.

33. Henry S. Whitehead, JUMBEE AND OTHER UNCANNY TALES – published by Arkham House in 1944 in an edition of 1,559 copies.  Stains to rear board.

34. Evangeline Walton, WITCH HOUSE – published by Arkham House in 1945 in an edition of 2,949 copies.

35. Joseph Payne Brennan, NINE HORRORS – published by Arkham House in 1958 in an edition of 1,336 copies.

36. Joseph Payne Brennan, NIGHTMARE NEED – published by Macabre House in 1959; #143 of 150 copies.  Signed by Brennan.  Some damage to edge of boards.

37. Joseph Payne Brennan, THE DARK RETURNERS – published by Arkham House in 1958 in an edition of 1,336 copies.

38. Virgil Finlay, THE BOOK OF VIRGIL FINLAY – published by Gerry de La Ree in 1975; #132 of 1050.  With color plate laid in.

39. Seabury Quinn, THE PHANTOM FIGHTER – published by Mycroft & Moran in 1966 in an edition of 2,022 copies.  The first collection of his famous Jules de Grandin tales.

40. Philip K. Dick, THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE – G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1962.  First edition of this classic novel, which won the Hugo in 1963.  Code D36 at base of page 239, no statement of printing.  Some insect damage to DJ at head of spine and top of rear panel and to edges of boards.

41. Robert A. Heinlein, THE UNPLEASANT PROFESSION OF JONATHAN HOAG – The Gnome Press, Inc., 1959.  First edition.

42. H.P. Lovecraft, THE DARK BROTHERHOOD – published by Arkham House in 1966 in an edition of 3,460 copies.  Insect damage to the DJ, particularly at hinges and on flaps.

43. H.P. Lovecraft, DREAMS AND FANCIES – published by Arkham House in 1962 in an edition of 2,030 copies.  

44. John Metcalfe, THE FEASTING DEAD –published by Arkham House in 1954 in an edition of 1,242 copies.  Insect damage to the DJ, particularly at hinges and on flaps, and to edges of boards.

45. Cynthia Asquith, THIS MORTAL COIL – published by Arkham House in 1947 in an edition of 2,609 copies.

46. Christine Campbell Thompson, KEEP ON THE LIGHT – the 9th book in the famous “Not At Night” series published by Selwyn & Blount Ltd. in 1933.  Many of the stories first appeared in Weird Tales.  Includes the first book appearance of “Worms of the Earth” (Bran Mak Morn) by REH (and his second book appearance ever), as well as stories by CAS, Cave and many others. 

47. Robert E. Howard, WRITER OF THE DARK – published by Dark Carneval Press (Thomas Kovacs) in 1986 in an edition of 500 copies, published to commemorate the 50th anniversary of REH’s death.  There were only two copies bound in hardcover (one retained by Kovacs and one for Glenn); this is Glenn’s hardcover and is “Copy Number II Hardcover”.  Inscribed to Glenn and signed by Kovacs.  

48. Robert E. Howard, SKULL-FACE AND OTHERS – published by Arkham House in 1946 in an edition of 3,004 copies.  REH’s first book.  A cornerstone of any weird fiction collection!

49. THE ACOLYTE – Francis T. Laney’s “The Acolyte” was one of the greatest and most influential fanzines of the 1940’s, running for 14 issues between 1942 and 1946.  It was focused on the Lovecraft circle and in addition to printing material by HPL, its contributors included CAS and Donald Wandrei.  Laney’s essay, “The Cthulhu Mythology: A Glossary”, initially published in the Winter 1942 issue, was expanded at the request of Derleth and became part of the Arkham HPL anthology “Beyond the Wall of Sleep.”  Glenn had the complete set professionally bound in a very attractive book.

50. Clark Ashton Smith, original manuscript for THE DRAGON-FLY – an original one page poem by CAS, signed by CAS.  This is one of 25 original poems that were very nicely bound by bookman Roy A. Squires in February 1969.

50.1 Clark Ashton Smith, EBONY AND CRYSTALinscribed to Robert E. Howard – a copy of a rare Clark Ashton Smith volume of poetry, “Ebony and Crystal,” published in 1922 in an edition of 500 copies (of which this is #431), which features some hand corrections by Smith. This one has seen better days, in terms of condition — it’s ex-library, with a call number written on the cover, various library stamps and writing throughout, and pasted library sheets removed from the back. The hinges are cracked and roughly 2″ of the spine have been chewed over time by a rodent with fine literary taste.  However, this copy should not be judged on its condition. The front fixed endpaper contains a pastedown from Howard Payne College Library, noting that at one time this was held in their Robert E. Howard Memorial Collection (various other stamps note that it was withdrawn from there). And on the front free endpaper, Smith has inscribed this copy to Robert E. Howard (with fraternal good wishes and referencing Astarte, Dagon, Demogorgon and Hecate), dating it July 4, 1933!  The story of this copy is told in “Weird Talers” by Bobby Derie, where he notes that REH ordered this copy from CAS.  REH wrote back to CAS on July 22, 1933 enthusing about the book, stating in part: “I can hardly find words to express the pleasure—I might even say ecstasy—with which I have read, and re-read your magnificent EBONY AND CRYSTAL.  Every line in it is a gem.”  Following REH’s death, his father donated this book, as well as many others from REH’s library, to the Howard Payne College Library.  It was given to Glenn by a former librarian at the library.  Truly a unique copy, inscribed by one of the Three Musketeers of Weird Tales to another and held by two of them during its life!

51. Clark Ashton Smith, NERO AND OTHER POEMS – very rare book published in 1937 by The Futile Press in an edition of approximately 200 copies.  This copy has the three page article, “The Price of Poetry” by David Warren Ryder discussing CAS, laid in; due to it being included as loose pages, this book is often found without these pages.  Inscribed to Glenn and signed by CAS.

52. Frank Belknap Long, Jr., A MAN FROM GENOA AND OTHER POEMS – very rare book published in 1926 by W. Paul Cook under The Recluse Press imprint in an edition of 300 copies.  Long’s first book; the poems in this collection won praise from a great variety of writers, among them Arthur Machen.  Missing 1/2 of title page and, it appears, one other sheet, which presumably contained Samuel Loveman’s introduction.  The contents begin with the title page, then the dedication page, then jumps to page 7 which contains the poem “A Knight of La Mancha”.  Inscribed to Harvey Flink (“Who shares my predilection for the lands that lie beyond the moon.”) and signed by Long.

53. Frank Belknap Long, HOWARD PHILLIPS LOVECRAFT: DREAMER OF THE NIGHT SIDE – published by Arkham House in 1975 in an edition of 4,991 copies.  A bio of HPL by one of his circle.  Minor insect damage to fold of front flap.

54. Robert Bloch, THE OPENER OF THE WAY – published by Arkham House in 1945 in an edition of 2,065 copies.  Bloch’s first hardcover book.  Head of spine of book and DJ has a small piece out, courtesy of some insidious demon having a small snack, as well as minor insect damage to fold of the flaps.

55. Ray Bradbury, DARK CARNIVAL – published by Arkham House in 1947 in an edition of 3,112 copies.  Bradbury’s first book.  Top of book and jacket has what looks like insect damage.  Jacket flaps and endpapers have stains.

56. August Derleth, THE REMINISCENCES OF SOLAR PONS – published by Mycroft & Moran in 1961 in an edition of 2,052 copies.  Signed by Derleth.  Foreword by Anthony Boucher.

57. August Derleth, THREE PROBLEMS FOR SOLAR PONS – published by Mycroft & Moran in 1952 in an edition of 996 copies.  Due to the low print run, it’s the scarcest Mycroft & Moran book.  The third Pons collection.  Inscribed to Glenn and signed by Derleth.  Some insect damage to DJ on hinges and at top, as well as minor to the top of the book.

58. August Derleth, IN RE: SHERLOCK HOLMES – published by Mycroft & Moran in 1945 in an edition of 3,604 copies.  The first Pons collection.  Inscribed to Glenn and signed by Derleth.  Foreword by Vincent Starrett.

58.1 LETTER FROM AUGUST DERLETH TO ROBERT E. HOWARD, JUNE 8, 1935 – letter from fellow Weird Tales author Derleth to REH, on the letterhead of Outdoors magazine, where Derleth was a contributing editor.  Great content touching on HPL and the sports pulps (the new sport pulp that Derleth mentions as coming out was Dime Sports Magazine from Popular; REH’s “Iron-Jaw” appeared in the April 1936 issue, so he may have taken this tip!).  Also a lot on Derleth.  Also contains the original envelope this was mailed in, post-marked June 8, 1935, as well as tear sheets of Derleth’s article, “Afternoon in June” which ran in the June 1935 issue of Outdoors (which REH commented on in a letter to Derleth dated July 4, 1935, writing: “Thanks very much for the article, ‘Afternoon in June’. I got a big kick out of it.”).  Signed by Derleth.

59. Edgar Rice Burroughs, TARZAN AT THE EARTH’S CORE – published by Canaveral Press in 1962.  Illustrated by Frank Frazetta.

60. Edgar Rice Burroughs, TARZAN AND THE FOREIGN LEGION – first edition; published by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. in 1947.  Heads of front and rear boards have slight stains.

61. Robert E. Howard, KING CONAN – the third volume in the Gnome Press Conan series, published in 1953.  Insect damage to book and DJ.

62. Robert E. Howard, THE COMING OF CONAN – the fourth volume in the Gnome Press Conan series, published in 1953.  Insect damage to book and DJ; some waterstains.

63. Robert E. Howard, CONAN THE CONQUEROR – the first volume in the Gnome Press Conan series, published in 1950.  Reprints the full length novel, “The Hour of the Dragon.”  Insect damage to DJ.

64. H. Warner Munn, THE WEREWOLF OF PONKERT – first edition, published by The Grandon Company in 1958 in an edition of 350 copies.  Reprint of the classic werewolf tale from Weird Tales and its sequel.  Signed by Munn.

65. C.L. Moore, NORTHWEST OF EARTH – first edition, published by Gnome Press in 1954.  Collection of the classic Northwest Smith and Jirel of Joiry stories.

66. A.E. van Vogt, SLAN – first edition of the classic SF novel.  Van Vogt’s first book.  Published by Arkham House in 1946 in an edition of 4,051 copies.  Some insect damage to DJ.

66.1 LETTER FROM ASTOUNDING STORIES EDITOR DESMOND HALL TO ROBERT E. HOWARD, NOVEMBER 16, 1933 – rejection letter from Hall to REH, on Astounding letterhead, written shortly after Street & Smith took over Astounding (their first issue was October 1933).  The story, “The Valley of the Lost,” remained unprinted until it appeared in the Magazine of Horror #13, Summer 1966.

67. H.P. Lovecraft, THE DUNWICH HORROR AND OTHERS – published by Arkham House in 1963 in an edition of 3,133 copies.

68. H.P. Lovecraft, AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS AND OTHER NOVELS – published by Arkham House in 1964 in an edition of 3,552 copies.  DJ has some insect damage.

69. Donald S. Fryer, SONGS AND SONNETS ATLANTEAN – published by Arkham House in 1971 in an edition of 2,045 copies.  With great inscription to Glenn, quoting a CAS poem, signed by Fryer.

70. Stanley McNail, SOMETHING BREATHING – printed and published in England by Villiers Publications, Ltd. for Arkham House in 1965 in an edition of 500 copies.  Signed by McNail.

71. Carl Jacobi, REVELATIONS IN BLACK – Jacobi’s first book, published by Arkham House in 1947 in an edition of 3,082 copies.

71.1 LETTER FROM CARL JACOBI TO ROBERT E. HOWARD, MARCH 4, 1932 – fantastic letter from fellow Weird Tales scribe Jacobi to REH.  Jacobi mentions he got REH’s address from HPL’s, and got HPL’s from Derleth.  Lots of great content re: Weird Tales, including mentions of REH’s stories “The Blood of Belshazzar” and “The Sowers of the Thunder.”  Jacobi’s tale, “Mive”, appeared in the January 1932 issue of Weird Tales.  In his reply letter to Jacobi (dated March 22, 1932), REH wrote in part: “I found your recent letter very interesting, and if my comments on your story ‘Mive’, have helped you with the editors, I am sincerely glad. I consider that story as one of the finest of its kind I have ever read.”  This lot also includes the original envelope, post-marked March 6, 1932.  Signed by Jacobi.

72. Fritz Leiber, Jr., NIGHT’S BLACK AGENTS – published by Arkham House in 1947 in an edition of 3,084 copies.  Leiber’s first book.

73. William Hope Hodgson, DEEP WATERS – published by Arkham House in 1967 in an edition of 2,556 copies.

74. Manly Wade Wellman, WHO FEARS THE DEVIL – published by Arkham House in 1963 in an edition of 2,058 copies.

75. August Derleth, SOMEONE IN THE DARK – published by Arkham House in 1941 in an edition of 1,115 copies.  The second Arkham House book and Derleth’s first weird fiction collection.  Inscribed to Glenn and signed by Derleth.  DJ has very minor insect damage.

76. August Derleth, editor, DARK OF THE MOON – published by Arkham House in 1947 in an edition of 2,634 copies.  A seminal volume of supernatural poetry.  First edition, in the first state DJ.  Inscribed to Glenn and signed by Derleth.

77. Clark Ashton Smith, GENIUS LOCI AND OTHER TALES – published by Arkham House in 1948 in an edition of 3,047 copies.  Inscribed to Glenn and signed by CAS.  Some waterstaining to DJ and rear board; some insect damage to foot of DJ and boards.

78. Clark Ashton Smith, OTHER DIMENSIONS – published by Arkham House in 1970 in an edition of 3,144 copies.  Some insect damage to head of DJ and boards.

79. Clark Ashton Smith, THE DOOR TO SATURN: THE COLLECTED FANTASIES, VOLUME 2 – the second of five volumes in this series published by Night Shade Press.  This volume is the first edition hardcover that was published in 2007.  Signed by both editors, Scott Connors and Ron Hilger, with an inscription by Connors.

80. Robert E. Howard, THE SAVAGE TALES OF SOLOMON KANE – published by Wandering Star in 1998, with many illustrations by Gary Gianni.  The limited edition, bound in goatskin, #14 of 1050, signed by Gianni.  Slipcase also contains the special envelope containing six color plates; as well as the CD, “Solomon Kane’s Homecoming” (reading some of the Kane poems).

81. Robert E. Howard, COMPLETE CONAN OF CIMMERIA VOL. 1 – published by Wandering Star in 2002, with many illustrations by Mark Schultz.  This is copy 16 in the ultra-limited edition (also known as the Artist’s Edition), limited to 100 copies, signed by Schultz.

82. Robert E. Howard, THE GHOST OCEAN – volume of poetry published in 1982 by Gibbelins Gazette Publications.  17 of the 20 poems were previously unpublished.  This is #6 of 50 in the hardcover edition (total edition was 350, the first 50 were bound in hardcover).

83. J. Ramsey Campbell, THE INHABITANT OF THE LAKE – published by Arkham House in 1964 in an edition of 2,099 copies.  Campbell’s first book.  Insect damage to head of DJ and boards as well as to rear board.

84. Algernon Blackwood, THE DOLL AND ONE OTHER – published by Arkham House in 1946 in an edition of 3,490 copies.  

85. Margery Lawrence, NUMBER SEVEN QUEER STREET – published by Mycroft & Moran in 1969 in an edition of 2,027 copies.  

86. L.P. Hartley, THE TRAVELLING GRAVE AND OTHER STORIES – published by Arkham House in 1948 in an edition of 2,047 copies.  

87. H.P. Lovecraft, THE DREAM QUEST OF UNKNOWN KADATH – hardcover, published by Shroud, Publishers in 1955.  The first standalone edition of this story.  This is copy #481 of 1500 copies; a label glued to the limitation page, signed by publisher Ken Krueger in red, states that this is one of 50 specially bound copies.  In the later state yellow DJ (all of the hardcovers may have had this state of DJ).

88. H.P. Lovecraft & Others, TALES OF THE CTHULHU MYTHOS – published by Arkham House in 1969 in an edition of 4,024 copies.  Edited by Derleth.  In addition to HPL, authors include REH, CAS, Bloch, Derleth and Long.

89. H.P. Lovecraft, THE HORROR IN THE MUSEUM AND OTHER REVISIONS – published by Arkham House in 1970 in an edition of 4,058 copies.  

90. August Derleth, editor, SLEEP NO MORE: TWENTY MASTERPIECES OF HORROR FOR THE CONNOISSEUR – published by Farrar & Rinehart, Inc. in 1944; third printing.  Authors include HPL, REH, CAS, Bloch, Jacobi, Long and Howard Wandrei.  With illustrations by Lee Brown Coye.

91. August Derleth, editor, DARK MIND, DARK HEART – published by Arkham House in 1962 in an edition of 2,493 copies.  Authors include HPL, REH, Bloch, Hodgson, Derleth, Jacobi and Campbell (with his first Cthulhu Mythos story).

92. Raul Garcia Capella, THE LEOPARD OF POITAIN – introduction by George Scithers.  Collection of stories featuring Arquel of Argos, published by Celt Press in 1985.  Set in REH’s Hyborean World, the series got its start in the classic fanzine, Amra.

93. Sam Moskowitz, THE IMMORTAL STORM – the classic history of early SF fandom.  Published in 1954 by The Atlanta Science Fiction Organization Press.  First edition; missing the DJ.

94. A MEANS TO FREEDOM: THE LETTERS OF H.P. LOVECRAFT AND ROBERT E. HOWARD – two hardcover volumes, the first covering 1930-1932 and the second 1933-1936.  Edited by S.T. Joshi, David E. Schultz & Rusty Burke.  Published by Hippocampus Press in 2009 in an edition of 345 copies.  First edition.  Both volumes are still sealed in shrinkwrap.

95. Robert E. Howard, POST OAKS AND SAND ROUGHS – published by Donald M. Grant in 1990 in an edition of 850 copies, with an intro by Glenn Lord, still shrinkwrapped.

95.1 LETTER FROM DODD, MEAD AND COMPANY, SEPTEMBER 13, 1928 – a rejection letter from this publisher to REH. Though the title is not named, the book was “Post Oaks and Sand Roughs.”

96. Robert E. Howard, BRECKINRIDGE ELKINS STORIES – in the late 1960s and early 1970, the local Breckinridge weekly newspaper, THE SUMMIT COUNTY JOURNAL, serialized several of the Breckinridge Elkins stories.  Each ran over several issues and needless to say, are very rare.  Glenn was sent copies as they were published.  This lot consists of approximately 210 issues starting with the June 23, 1967 issue and ending with the December 31, 1971 issue, including the complete years for 1969, 1970 and 1971.  Three of the serials are not complete.



97. AUGUST DERLETH, TWENTY YEARS OF WRITING 1926-1946 – rare, small promotional booklet published by Arkham House in 1946 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Derleth in print, compiled by the staff of Arkham House.

98. AUGUST DERLETH, TWENTY-FIVE YEARS OF WRITING 1926-1951 – rare, small promotional booklet published by Arkham House in 1951 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Derleth in print, compiled by the staff of Arkham House.

99. AUGUST DERLETH, THIRTY YEARS OF WRITING 1926-1956 – rare, small promotional booklet published by Arkham House in 1956 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Derleth in print, compiled by the staff of Arkham House.

99.1. FIVE BOXES OF LOVECRAFT AND DERLETH RELATED PAPERBACKS – roughly 500 new, old stock paperbacks, mostly HPL, in five original Arkham House shipping boxes.  Publishers include Beagle, Panther and Ballantine.

100. August Derleth, LOVE LETTERS TO CAITLIN – published by The Candlelight Press in 1971.  First edition.  This was to have been published in an edition of 750 copies, but the publisher suffered a heart attack and that never happened.  Information on how many copies were actually released vary, but it seems the number was between 12 to 20, though it may be as few as three or four.  The book came out two weeks before Derleth passed away on July 4, 1971 and his lawyer apparently subsequently suppressed its publication.  The book consists of erotic love letters to a much younger woman with whom Derleth had a brief relationship, written over a period of two years, and many are quite graphic.  An incredibly rare book for the Derleth completist!  Also includes photocopies of three letters from the publisher to Derleth, dated between February 19, 1971 and April19, 1971, regarding the book.

101. Robert E. Howard, A GENT FROM BEAR CREEK – hardcover published in the U.K. by Herbert Jenkins in 1937.  REH’s first book, a collection of his Breckinridge Elkins stories.  Incredibly rare, fewer than 20 copies are known to exist.  In a facsimile DJ (only one original DJ is known to exist).  Ex-library, without any stamps or writing, but with a checkout sheet tipped in to the rear endpaper (showing the book was checked out in 1937).  Glued in at the spine before page 7 is a tipped in piece of paper from the Boots Book-Lovers’ Library, through which you could reserve a copy when it became available at a real bargain price.  Boots was a U.K. pharmacy chain that had a lending library, and after the book had been in circulation for a certain period, customers could buy it.  Spine is cocked; boards and paper have some stains.  The cornerstone of any REH book collection!

102. H.P. Lovecraft, THE OUTSIDER AND OTHERS – the first Arkham House book, published in 1939 in an edition of 1,268 copies.  The DJ is the 1974 de La Ree reprint.  In a beautifully custom designed clamshell case.  Some slight staining to boards, spine has some fading.  One of the most important volumes of supernatural fiction ever published.

103. HPL: A MAGAZINE OF TRIBUTE TO H.P. LOVECRAFT – copy #26 in the special bound edition, limited to 35 copies (total edition 1000).  Published by Meade & Penny Frierson in 1972.  The front boards are also stamped Frierson, Arnold, Schiff (the latter two being Herb Arnold and Stuart Schiff, who were associate editors on this).  With the one page advertising flier laid in.

104. H.P. Lovecraft, AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS – published by Donald M. Grant in 1990 in a stated edition of 1,000 copies (but Currey notes it was actually 874 copies).  Illustrated and signed by Fernando Duval.

105. THE ALL-STORY MAGAZINE – 4/06 (Terhune 3/4, Rinehart)

106. THE ALL-STORY – 9/13 – ERB (“The Cave Girl” 3/3), Stout, Monahan cover

107. ALL-STORY WEEKLY – 4/11/14 – ERB (“At the Earth’s Core” 2/4), Monahan cover

108. THE CAVALIER – 4/18/14 – ERB (“At the Earth’s Core” 3/4), Wallace, Monahan cover

109. ALL-STORY CAVALIER WEEKLY – 7/25/14 – Terhune (4/4), Monahan cover

110. ALL-STORY WEEKLY – 8/19/16 – Stilson (“Minos of Sardanes” 2/3), a poem to ERB in the letter column, Monahan cover

111. ALL-STORY WEEKLY – 2/10/17 – Packard (1/6), Giesy, Dingle, Monahan cover

112. ALL-STORY WEEKLY – 5/22/20 – Giesy & Smith (Semi-Dual serial 1/4), Julian Hawthorne (4/5), Footner (6/6), Monahan cover

113. ALL-STORY WEEKLY – 7/3/20 – Stilson (“Land of the Shadow People” 2/5, Sheehan, Monahan cover

114. THE ARGOSY – 7/10 – Terhune (2/5)

115. ARGOSY ALL-STORY WEEKLY – 5 issues – 5/7/21 (Rousseau, Monahan cover), 1/14/22 (Monahan cover, bc detached), 2/19/27, 8/4/28 & 10/12/29

116. SWEETHEART STORIES – 5 issues – 9/15/26 (“That Pirate Girl”), 10/27/26, 11/10/26, 11/19/29 &10/7/30.  The first 4 have Monahan covers.

117. LETTER FROM ROBERT BLOCH TO DICK WALD DATED JUNE 4, 1974 – one page handwritten letter by Bloch.  Great content on Bloch’s work.

118. BATTLE BIRDS 3/33 (v1n4; Bruce, Bowen, Hogan) & DARE-DEVIL ACES 5/33 (Bowen, Hogan, Eliot)

119. ACE-HIGH MAGAZINE – 2 issues – 9/1/25 (HBJ) & 2nd February 1928 (HBJ – Pinky Jenkins story)

120. ALL-STORY WEEKLY – 6/22/18 – Merritt (“The Moon Pool”), Rousseau (“Draft of Eternity”, 4/4), HBJ 1/4

121. ALL-STORY WEEKLY – 8/2/19 – Giesy (“Mouthpiece of Zitu” 5/5), Leinster, HBJ

122. ARGOSY – 6/12/20 – Leinster (“The Mad Planet”), Lamb (“Caravan of the Dead” 1/6), Cummings

123. THREE PULPS WITH HAROLD LAMB STORIESARGOSY, 2/8/19 (G. Smith – “After a Million Years” 4/6); TOP-NOTCH MAGAZINE, 5/1/16 (Keeler, Standish 4/5) & SHORT STORIES, 2/10/24 (Rud)

124. ARGOSY ALL-STORY WEEKLY – 6 issues with complete Merritt serial, “The Ship of Ishtar” – 11/8/24, 11/15/24 (Dingle), 11/22/24, 11/29/24 (Vivian), 12/6/24 & 12/13/24

125. ARGOSY ALL-STORY WEEKLY – 5 issues with complete Merritt serial, “Seven Footprints to Satan” – 7/2/27 (Worts 3/3), 7/9/27, 7/16/27 (NFC), 7/23/27 & 7/30/27

126. ARGOSY – 6 issues with complete Merritt serial, “The Dwellers in the Mirage” – 1/23/32 (FC detached), 1/30/32 (Gardner, Worts 2/4), 2/6/32 (Worts 3/4), 2/13/32 (HBJ – John Solomon, Worts 4/4), 2/20/32 (Dunn) & 2/27/32 (Worts as Brent 1/2)

127. ARGOSY – 6 issues – 6/20/36, 4/17/37, 6/5/37 (Dent – “Hocus Pocus” 3/3), 7/17/37, 8/7/37 & 4/23/38 (ERB – “Red Star of Tarzan” 6/6)

128. ARGOSY – 21 issues – 2/7/25 (Footner 6/6), 10/9/26 (Giesy & Smith – Semi-Dual 4/4), 3/31/28 (Footner 2/2), 8/18/28 (Kline), 12/8/28 (Brodeur 3/6), 3/23/29 (Giesy & Smith – Semi-Dual 1/4, Cummings 4/6, Mundy 3/3), 11/9/29 (Cummings 2/4, Worts as Brent 3/3), 11/16/29 HBJ 1/6, Cummings 3/4), 11/23/29 (Cummings 4/4, HBJ 2/6), 8/16/30 (Kline – “Prince of Peril” 3/6, HBJ), 11/8/30 (Merritt – “Snake Mother” 3/7, Dunn 2/2, HBJ), 3/7/31 (Whitfield, Giesy & Smith – Semi-Dual 6/6, Roscoe), 4/18/31 (Kline – “Jan of the Jungle” 1/6, Roscoe 2/2, Wheeler-Nicholson 5/6), 5/2/31 (Worts as Brent – Peter the Brazen 2/2, Kline 3/6), 5/9/31 (Kline 4/6, HBJ), 11/26/32 (Merritt – “Burn, Witch, Burn!” 6/6, Worts as Brent – Peter the Brazen 2/5, Dingle 4/6), 12/10/32 (Worts – Peter the Brazen 4/5, Brand 1/6, HBJ, Dingle 6/6), 8/12/33 (Terhune, Stribling 2/6), 12/2/33 (Kline – “Outlaws of Mars” 2/7, HBJ – John Solomon 1/4, Footner)), 1/5/35 (HBJ – John Solomon, Terhune, Roscoe 6/6) & 5/18/35 (HBJ, Worts 3/3, Roscoe 5/7)

129. ADVENTURE – 5 issues, all with HBJ – 7/1/31 (G. Young – Hurricane Williams 3/4), 10/37, 11/37 (Mundy), 3/38 (Wetjen, G. Young 4/5) & 11/41

130. ALL-AMERICAN FICTION – 7-8/38 – Brand, HBJ, Dwyer, Sale

131. ALL ACES MAGAZINE – 5-6/36, second and final issue – Mundy, Leinster

132. GOLDEN FLEECE – 2 issues – 12/38 (Price, HBJ) & 3/39 (Quinn, HBJ)

133. GOLDEN FLEECE – 6/39 – Price, McCulley, Brundage cover

134. THE MAGIC CARPET MAGAZINE – 10/33 – Quinn, HBJ, Hamilton, Price, Brundage cover

135. Robert E. Howard, THE SOWERS OF THE THUNDER – first edition hardcover published by Donald M. Grant in 1973 in an edition of 2,509 copies.  Illustrated by Roy Krenkel.


137. DIME DETECTIVE MAGAZINE –3/15/35 – Gardner, White, Chidsey, Baumhofer cover


139. DETECTIVE FICTION WEEKLY – 4 issues – 8/7/37, 7/2/38, 7/9/38 & 7/1/39

140. MYSTERY NOVELS MAGAZINE – 2 issues – Fall 1932 (HBJ) & Summer 1933 (HBJ)

141. DOUBLE-ACTION GANG – 2/37 – Leinster

142. BLACK MASK – 8 covers only – covers for 3/28, 8/30, 4/35, 12/35, 5/36, 12/36, 6/37 & 2/38

143. GUN MOLLS – facsimile cover for 10/30 issue (v1n1) of this rare pulp, made by Frank Robinson, includes the interior of the covers

143.1 INTERIOR ART FROM UNDERWORLD – an interior by Lyman Anderson from Underworld

143.2 COURTROOM STORIES – 8-9/31 – cover (by Walter Baumhofer) and spine only from this rare Hersey pulp

144. JUNGLE STORIES – 8/31 – excerpted; missing pages 65+, ends after the Sangroo the Sun-God novel; & ASTOUNDING STORIES OF SUPER-SCIENCE – 5/31 – most of issue missing; besides cover, contains 2 stories + letters column

145. WESTERN STORY MAGAZINE – 4 issues, all with HBJ – 2/17/34, 4/7/34, 5/18/35 & 3/2/36

146. SPORT STORY MAGAZINE – 1st August 1929 – unusual surfing cover

147. LA PAREE – 9/34 – Bergey cover

148. MARVEL SCIENCE STORIES – 4-5/39 – Saunders cover

149. MARVEL SCIENCE STORIES – 11/38 (v1n2) – Kuttner, Williamson, Keller, Paul cover

150. FUTURE FICTION – 11/39 (vn1) – classic J.W. Scott cover with nude in test tube

151. FUTURE COMBINED WITH SCIENCE FICTION – 2 issues – 2/42 (Keller, Frank Robinson letter, Bok cover) & 7-8/50 (Leiber, Leinster, Bergey cover)

152. COSMIC STORIES – 3/41 (v1n1; Asimov) & STIRRING SCIENCE STORIES – 2 issues – 2/41 (v1n1; REH poem, Merritt poem, CAS, Knight, Blish, Keller) & 4/41 (CAS, Blish, Keller)

153. WONDER STORIES – 7 issues, all with Frank R. Paul covers – 12/33, 2/34 (Binder), 4/34 (Williamson 2/3), 5/34 (Williamson 3/3, Binder), 6/34 (Keller), 7/34 (Weinbaum, Binder 1/3) & 9/34 (Keller, Binder 3/3)

154. THRILLING WONDER STORIES – 3 issues; all three contain installments of the early SF comic “Zarnak” by Max Plaisted – 8/36 (first issue under this title; Merritt, Weinbaum, Cummings, Kline, Ernst, Weisinger, Binder), 10/36 (Merritt, Hamilton, Cummings, Farley, Ernst, Burks) & 12/36 (Campbell, Cummings, Binder, Hamilton, Weinbaum)

155. THRILLING WONDER STORIES – 4 issues – 6/37 (Long, Binder, Fearn, “Zarnak” SF comic installment by Max Plaisted), 2/39 (Jacobi, Burks), 8/39 (Kline, Cummings, Kuttner, Long) & 12/39 (Wellman, Kuttner, Cummings, Binder)

156. THRILLING WONDER STORIES – 6 issues, all with Bergey covers – 4/43 (Bond, Long), Spring 1944 (Brackett, Wellman, Cummings), Fall 1945 (Kuttner, Fearn), Winter 1945 (Brown, Leinster, Long), Fall 1946 (Kuttner, Cummings, Leinster, Fearn) & 8/47 (Kuttner)

157. THRILLING WONDER STORIES – 3 issues, all with Bergey covers – 10/48 (Bradbury, Brackett, MacDonald, Long, Burks), 10/49 (LRH, Bradbury, Brackett, Leinster, de Camp, Kuttner, Wellman) & 4/50 (Bradbury, MacDonald, Leinster, Blish)

158. THRILLING WONDER STORIES – 7 issues, most with Bergey covers – 6/50 (Clarke), 12/50 (Brackett, Long), 12/51 (Price, Leinster, Blish), 2/52 (Vance, Long, Blish), 6/52 (Leiber, Leinster, Blish), 6/53 (Leinster) & Summer 1954 (Dick, Farmer, Sturgeon) & WONDER STORY ANNUAL 1952 (Campbell, Ernst, Schomburg cover)

159. AMAZING STORIES – 1/41 (ERB – “John Carter & the Giant of Mars”, Hamilton, St. John fc)

160. AMAZING STORIES – 3/41 (ERB – “The City of Mummies”, Wellman, St. John fc)

161. AMAZING STORIES – 4/41 (St. John fc)

162. AMAZING STORIES – 6/41 (ERB – “Black Pirates of Barsoom”, St. John fc)

163. AMAZING STORIES – 8/41 (ERB – “Yellow Men of Mars”, St. John fc)

164. AMAZING STORIES – 10/41 (ERB – “Invisible Men of Mars”, St. John fc)

165. AMAZING STORIES – 2 issues – 11/39 (Farley, McCauley cover) & 3/40 (Bond, McCauley cover)

166. AMAZING STORIES – 12/41 (Cummings)

167. AMAZING STORIES – 7/42 (Cummings, Bond, Gilmore – “The Return of Hawk Carse”, St. John fc)

168. AMAZING STORIES – 2 issues – 1/42 & 4/43 (Bloch, Bond)

169. AMAZING STORIES – 2 issues – 5/44 (Bradbury, Hamilton) & 2/46 (Bradbury)

170. AMAZING STORIES – 4 issues, 3 with Shaver stories – 9/45, 6/47, 6/48 & 10/48 (Browne – “Return of Tharn” 1/3)

171. AMAZING STORIES – 7/46 (Bradbury, Fox)

172. AMAZING STORIES – 1/49 (Shaver, St. John fc)

173. FANTASTIC ADVENTURES – 11/41 (ERB – “The Living Dead”, St. John fc)

174. FANTASTIC ADVENTURES – 3/42 (ERB – “War on Venus”, Kuttner, St. John fc)

175. FANTASTIC ADVENTURES – 2 issues, both with St. John covers – 10/40 (“Jongor of Lost Land”, Kuttner) & 7/42 (Bloch, Derleth, Schwartz)

176. FANTASTIC ADVENTURES – 2 issues – 4/45 (Bloch, Derleth) & 5/46 (Shaver, McCauley cover)

177. FANTASTIC ADVENTURES – 2 issues – 1/48 & 4/48 (Shaver)

178. BLUE BOOK – 1/37 (HBJ, interior illustrations by Alex Raymond)

179. ASTOUNDING SCIENCE-FICTION – 8/39 (Heinlein’s first published story; Finlay’s only cover for Astounding)

180. UNKNOWN – 5/40 (Price, Williamson 3/3)

181. ASTONISHING STORIES – 6 issues – 2/40 (v1n1; Asimov, Wellman), 12/40 (missing pp. 103-108; Asimov, Wellman, Cummings), 4/41 (Farley, Cummings), 9/41 (Asimov, Long, Blish), 11/41 (LRH, Brackett, Cummings) & 4/43 (Bradbury, Bond, Cummings)

182. SUPER SCIENCE STORIES – 4 issues – 9/40 (Asimov, Williamson), 1/41 (Brackett), 2/42 (Brackett) & 5/42 (Bond, Binder)

183. STRANGE STORIES – 2/39 (v1n1; Bloch, Derleth, Kline, Kuttner, Wellman, Farley)

184. STRANGE STORIES – 4/39 (Kuttner, Derleth, Bloch, Moore, Long, Farley)

185. WEIRD TALES – 2 issues – 7/29 (REH poem, Quinn, Hamilton) & 9/29 (REH – King Kull “The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune” + REH poem, HPL – “The Hound”, Quinn, Hamilton, Kline, Price)

186. WEIRD TALES – 3/36 (REH – Conan “The Hour of the Dragon” 4/5, Ernst, CAS, Hamilton, Kuttner)

187. WEIRD TALES – 11/36 (REH – “The Black Hound of Death”, HPL – “Pickman’s Model”, Quinn, Bloch, Ernst)

188. WEIRD TALES – 12/36 (REH – “The Fire of Asshurbanipal”, HPL – “The Haunter of the Dark”, Bloch, Kline, Price, Derleth, Kuttner, Wellman, St. John fc)

189. WEIRD TALES – 6/37 (Kuttner, Bloch, Long, Ernst)

190. WEIRD TALES – 1/38 (HPL – “The Canal” [Fungi from Yuggoth], Quinn, Hamilton)

191. WEIRD TALES – 11/39 (Kuttner, Quinn, Munn

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