Film Festival Highlights 2007

Schedule: From 2007


* NEW ADVENTURES OF TARZAN – This is the feature-length version of the 1935 serial produced by ERB himself.
* HI-YO SILVERThis is the feature version of the long-lost 1938 LONE RANGER serial.

* PANIC ON THE AIR – 1936 adaptation of a 1935 BLACK MASK story by Ted Tinsley, “Five Spot.”

DVD FILM FESTIVAL (Showing throughout the day.)

* CALL OF CTHULHUan incredibly faithful adaptation of the Lovecraft story made a couple years ago in silent-movie style (but accompanied by a great musical score). Financed by the HPL Society and made with lots of TLC.

* FIEND WITHOUT A FACE – based on an Amelia Reynolds Long story (“The Thought Monster”) from the 3/30 issue.

* WEIRD WOMAN – based on Fritz Leiber’s “Conjure Wife” in UNKNOWN.

* PIGEONS FROM HELL – Robert E. Howard drama from THRILLER.

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