Post Convention News 2014

The convention is complete, and we now reset the clock for next year’s show.  From all the comments we received at the show, it would appear most everyone had a great time…and we can only hope that everyone did.

As previously announced, we’ve set our date for next year, and our theme.  Check back for more information in the near future.

John Gunnison
Doug Ellis
Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention, LLC

Hotel Registration

We have our special page up on the hotel’s website.  You can now register for rooms directly with the hotel through this portal.  May we suggest that you do this sooner rather than later so you can be certain that a room has been reserved in your name.

To go to that site CLICK HERE.

See you at the Con!

Dealer List – as of March 2014

We’ve received and scheduled the following dealers for 2014.

Airship 27 – Ron Fortier & Rob Davis
Aronovitz, David – Fine Books
Basement Books
Bauch, Paul
Bielski, Al & Frank
Broecker, Randy
Canja, Jeff – Modern Age Books
The Robert E. Howard Foundation/Bill Cavalier
Certo, Nick
Chomko, Mike & Dianne
Coker, John
Cosgriff, John
Cullers, Jack
Currey, Lloyd + John Knott – L.W. Currey Books
Danielson, Larry
Decker, Jim
Dilbone, Keith
Druktenis, Dennis – Scary Monsters Magazine
Eisenstein, Alex & Phyllis
Ellis, Doug – Tattered Pages Press
Fantasy Publications – Dick and Norma Enos
Fister-Liltz, Barbara & Bill Hunt
Flowers, Bob
Fuhro, Dwight
Garcia, Bob
Gianni, Tom
Girasol Collectibles + Phil Nelson
Grams, Martin – Finders Keepers Classics
Gentile, Joe – Moonstone Books
Gunnison, John – Adventure House
Hackathorn, Art
Haffner, Steve – Haffner Press
Hagenauer, George
Halegua, Mark
Hallock, Larry – Ygor’s Books
Herman, Paul
Hickman, Mark
Hulse, Ed – Blood ‘N Thunder
Isaacson, Tim
Itkowitz, Mitch – Graphic Collectibles
Jasinski, Joseph
Jaster, Cat + Bill Thinnes & Dennis Harford
Kalkanian, Terry & Jeff Gaynor – Unicorn Comics & Cards
Keil, Wayne & Deb – Hooked on Books
Kennedy, Robert, writing as Erwin K. Roberts
Ketter, Greg – Dreamhaven Books
Kurzman, Dave
Law, Michael
LePlae, Dave
Meli, Richard & Frieda Lynch-Willson – Heartwood Auctions
Midway Bookstore – Tom Stransky
Murphy, Daniel & Sarahjane Blum – Grapefruit Moon Galleries
Oldenburg, Jim
Olson, Dwayne
Paxton, Tim – Tim’s Books
Parsons, Mike
Pelto, Charles – Classic Comics Press / Homeworld Press
Plexico, Van – White Rocket Books
Poole, Craig
Pujol, Robert
Rajchel, David
Reinagel, Wayne – Knight Raven Books
Roberts, Tom – Black Dog Books
Ross, Bill + Mike Conran & Cole Richardson
Salvatini, Frank
Schattenburg, Jerry
Schmidt, Dave – Main Street Music
Schroeter, Rodney
Smith, Dave & John Hutchins – Fantasy Illustrated
Spilger, Steve
Taraba, Fred – Taraba Illustration Art
Telizyn, John & Nick – Sparky’s
Tollin, Anthony – Sanctum Productions
Vanderburgh, George – Battered Silicon Dispatch
Vandrey, Phil
Vaughn, David – Digital Masterpiece
Walsh, Ray – Curious Books
Wehler, Jon
Weinberg, Bob – Weinberg Books
White, David + Tommy Hancock – Pro Se Press
Yammering Magpie – Peter Marchionna & Pam Hurel
Zarrillo, Robert
Zimmer, Dan – Illustration Magazine

Windy City Review

from the latest issue of First Fandom Newsletter:

Windy City Pulp & Paper Convention 2013
After hearing about this show for years, I decided to find out for myself why everyone really seemed to enjoy it so much. This convention attracts fans from all over the world; people who enjoy collecting rare material, and most of the activities during the weekend take place in in the outstanding dealer’s room. Among the themes celebrated this year were the ninetieth anniversary of WEIRD TALES Magazine, and Sax Rohmer’s Insidious Fu Manchu.
During the weekend, I received great hospitality from the organizers, especially Doug Ellis, a genuine enthusiast who publishes Pulp Vault. I spent time visiting with many fans, pros and friends, including Robert and Phyllis Weinberg, Stuart David Schiff, Alex and Phyllis Eisenstein, Randy Broeker, Will Murray, Mark Hickman, Steve Korshak, Scott V. Norris, David Aronovitz, Greg Ketter and Caz Cazedessus.
The quality of the material available in the dealer’s room surpassed that of most world-class conventions. There were many framed original pieces of artwork for sale, including well-known selections by Virgil Finlay, Hannes Bok, J. Allen St. John and Frank R. Paul. There were thousands of copies of pulp magazines in excellent condition, as well as rare books, toys, comics, cards and a lot of other related memorabilia.
The Convention held a charity auction for the estate of long-time collector Jerry Weist, and hundreds of his rare pulp magazines and other unique items were sold. There was programming devoted to pulp-related films, and fans enjoyed seeing a number of rare movies such as Drums of Fu Manchu, Pigeons from Hell, Pickman’s Model, and Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper.
The art show featured a beautiful display of more than a hundred pieces of artwork, many of which appeared on magazine covers. There were several fascinating panels, including one which considered how classic genres are being treated by today’s new pulp writers, and another that discussed the importance of settings in pulp tales centering around the city of Chicago.
This show was one of the best that I have attended in the past ten years, and I give it my highest recommendation. I hope you can get there next year (April 25-27, 2014). For more information, visit
(Written by John L. Coker, III)

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