Windy City Friday Auction – Update for 2017

Here is a list of titles that will be up for the Friday Night auction.  Total numbers of each title is yet to be completely determined…but will be published in the future prior to the convention.



Amazing Stories –bedsheets (+ the 2 Buck Rogers issues)
Fantasy (U.K. digest)
Flash Gordon
Garden of Fear (digest booklet)
Marvel Tales (Red Circle)
Marvel Tales (semi-prozine)
Science Fantasy Series  (small press booklet)
Strange Tales (U.K. digest)
Weird Tales –(12/32 – 1st Conan)
Witch’s Tales


Ace-High Novels
All Western Magazine (1934)
Big Chief Western
Bulls-Eye Western
Cowboy Stories (Clayton)
Crack Shot Western (bedsheet)
Dime Western (1933-1934)
Far West
Golden West (1930)
Golden West (2nd series)
Lariat (1926-1930)
New Western
Northwest Stories (1926-1927)
Pioneer Western
Quick-Trigger Western (Hersey)
Red Seal Western
Western Adventures (Clayton)
Western Novel Magazine (Clayton)
Western Novel and Short Stories
Western Novelettes
Western Raider
Western Rangers
Western Round-Up – 10 (complete set)
Western Trails (1931-1935)
Westland Love Magazine


Action Stories
Adventure Novels
Adventure Trails (Clayton)
All Fiction
All-Story Weekly (1 with ERB)
Brief Stories
College Stories
Danger Trail
Far East Adventure Stories
New Story
Popular Magazine
Soldiers of Fortune (Clayton)


Aces (most early 1920’s-early 1930’s)
Air Adventures (Clayton)
Air Stories
Air Trails (1929-1931)
Airplane Stories (Ramer)
Battle Aces
Complete Aviation Novel (Ramer)
Complete Flying Novel (Hersey)
Complete Sky Novel Magazine
Don Winslow
Eagles of the Air (Hersey)
Flight (Hersey)
Flyers (Clayton)
Flying Aces
Flying Stories (MacFadden, pulp sized)
George Bruce’s Contact
George Bruce’s Sky Fighter
George Bruce’s Squadron
Over the Top
Sky Birds (1929-1930)
Sky Fighter (1932-1933)
Sky Riders  (late 1920’s-early 1930’s, includes first issue)
Tailspin Tommy
Three Star (Clayton)
Under Fire (Hersey)
War Aces
War Birds
Wings (most 1920’s-early 1930’s)


Ace G-Man
All Detective (including first Doctor Death)
All Star Detective (Clayton)
Black Book Detective Magazine (early issues)
Black Mask  (most 1920’s-early 1930’s)
Captain Satan
Dan Dunn
Detective Book (1930)
Detective Classics (1930-1931)
Detective Story Magazine (1930-1931, several Shadow contest installments)
The Dragnet  (Hersey)
Eerie Mysteries
Federal Agent
The Feds
Gang World
Gangster Stories (Hersey)
Greater Gangster Stories (Hersey)
Mystery Magazine (stapled) (v1n2, v1n5 & 1923)
Mystery Tales
Public Enemy
Secrets of the Secret Service
Star Detective
Thrilling Mystery
True Gang Life (bedsheet)
Two Books Detective Magazine
Undercover Detective
The Underworld (1927)


The Bulls-Eye – about 50 issues, rare British dime novel type magazine from the 1930’s

westland love magazine 31.07

all detective and dragnet

Friday Night Auction 2017

2017 wc auction promo image 1






We’ve been receiving requests for new material to be included in the upcoming year’s auction in 2017.  Here are a few images of those items that will be included in the Friday Night Auction.  Some nice stuff right!

2017 wc auction promo image 2 2017 wc auction promo image 3

Post Windy City Report

Convention came and went in a flash.  A handful of movies in the film festival. We had two auctions. One packed Con Suite, and hundreds of customers roaming about the dealer room.

Hopefully we will be able to post more information later…once we have the time.  Also there a couple of themes kicking around in Doug and John’s head for next year’s convention.  Keep an eye on the website for more information.

Windy City Is This Weekend!

WIndy City is almost upon us.  As we work in getting the convention ready to open on Friday, we’d like to remind everyone that we will have the Con Suite open on Thursday evening, with Pre-Registration attendees able to pick up their packages.  We cannot take advance registration at that time though.

Dealers may unload and setup only on Friday morning.  Dealer setup time starts at 8:30 am.  For those who took advantage of Early Bird admission, you may enter starting an hour later at 9:30 am.   Otherwise the dealer room opens at 11:00 am, the Art Show opens at 2:00 pm and the preview of the Friday Night auction will take place as soon as we can get it set out for viewing.

See you all at the show.

Dealer Listing – Update

Airship 27 – Ron Fortier & Rob Davis
Aronovitz, David – The Fine Book Company
Basement Books – Donna Rankin & Michael Rightor
Bielski, Al & Frank
Broecker, Randy
Brown, Bob – b Brown & Associates
Burrows, Larry
Canja, Jeff – Modern Age Books
Carpenter, Gene
Cavalier, Bill – REH Foundation
Certo, Nick
Chomko, Mike & Dianne
Conran, Mike
Cosgriff, John
Craig, Fred – Mean Street Books
Cullers, Jack & Sally
Curious Books – Ray Walsh
Currey, L.W. – L.W. Currey Books
Danielson, Larry
DeWalt, John
Dilbone, Keith
Druktenis, Dennis – Scary Monsters Magazine
Eisenstein, Alex & Phyllis
Ellis, Doug – Tattered Pages Press
Emrich, Brian
Enos, Dick & Norma
Flowers, Bob
Garcia, Bob
Gaynor, Jeff & Terry Kalkanian – Unicorn Books
Grams, Martin – Finders Keepers Classics
Grapefruit Moon Gallery – Sarahjane Blum
Gunnison, John – Adventure House
Hackathorn, Art
Haffner Press – Stephen Haffner
Hagenauer, George
Hallock, Larry – Ygor’s Books
Hartshorn, Scott
Hauser, John & Steve Spilger
Heartwood Auctions – Richard Meli and Kara Accettola
Heritage Auctions / Fidelity Art Group Inc. – Todd Hignite
Herman, Paul
Hulse, Ed – Blood ‘N Thunder
Isaacson, Tim
Jasinski, Joseph
Jaster, Cat + Bill Thinnes & Dennis Harford
Jerry Ohlinger’s Movie Materials Store – Barbara Fister-Liltz & Bill Hunt
Ketter, Greg & Lisa & Alice Bentley – Dreamhaven Books
Knott, John – John W. Knott, Bookseller
Kurzman, Dave
Law, Michael
LePlae, Dave
Livingston, Brian – Classic Images
Maynard, William
McMahan, John – My Back Pages
McVicker, Terence – Terence McVicker Rare Books
Midway Bookstore – Tom Stransky
Moonstone – Joe Gentile
Nelson, Phil & Holly
Olson, Dwayne
O’Neill, John – Black Gate
Parsons, Mike
Paxton, Tim – Tim’s Books
Poole, Craig
Pujol, Robert
Richardson, Cole
Roberts, Garyn
Roberts, Tom – Black Dog Books
Ross, Bill
Schmidt, Dave – Main Street Music
Siclari, Joe & Edie Stern
Smith, Dave & John Hutchins – Fantasy Illustrated
Sodin, Rocco
Taraba, Fred – Taraba Illustration Art
Telizyn, John & Nick – Sparky’s
Tilley, Michael & Tina
Tollin, Anthony – Sanctum Productions
Vanderburgh, George – Battered Silicon Dispatch
Vandrey, Phil
Wehler, Jon
Weinberg, Bob – Weinberg Books
White Rocket Books – Van Allen Plexico
White, David & Tommy Hancock – Pro Se Press
Willoughby, David
Zarillo, Robert
Zielinski, Zane
Zimmer, Dan – Illustration Magazine

Exclusive Signing Event At Windy City

TERRENCE McVICKER RARE BOOKS is hosting an exclusive signing  oart of horrorf THE ART OF HORROR at Windy City Pulp and Paperback Convention from 2:00–3:00 p.m. on SATURDAY, APRIL 23rd. You can PRE-ORDER the last-available copies of the first printing signed (and inscribed) by Stephen Jones-Editor and contributors Randy Broecker, Gary Gianni, Thomas Gianni, Scott Gustafson, Douglas Klauba, Micah Lee Mowbray and Bob Weinberg from for the cover price of $40.00 plus $5.00 p&p in the United States. For more information, contact:

Pulps, Paperbacks, Original Art, Movie Memorabilia, OTR, Science Fiction, Popular Culture and a Whole Lot More

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